Randy’s Roadtrip – Next stop, Edmonton.

Last night, there was no contention that the Edmonton Eskimos organization brings a sense of pride to all those who embrace it, including our very own CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie.

Mr. Ambrosie struck out on a tour across Canada hitting each CFL town, including the hopeful future sight of an Atlantic team in Halifax. Last night, the forum was opened to a crowd of 480 eager Eskimos fans. To the delight of many, the QB warrior himself, Mike Reilly was included in the forum and happily met with fans afterwards… but as we all know, that’s not a surprise.

The crowd was a great mix of both young and old, and men and women. Not only was this an event to build a bridge between the CFL and fans, but to connect fan to fan. A fantastic way to grow this community is by creating opportunities to meet one another and openly experience times of change together. Superfan and I know this all too well as we had the delight of expanding our network, while putting some faces to Twitterhandles. Thanks to Ed for the great photo ? Andrew was of course, attending in spirit… could you feel his energy?

There is an excitement vibing in the CFL. I can feel the anticipation growing, especially after last night. With some excellent questions asked by fans and answers that pleased, the adoration for the league will grow because of the initiatives being put forth by the CFL, including a Kid’s Day promotion. The vision for the CFL is one I personally am on board with: transparency, progression and involvement. Yes, community is always the fore front in my mind and it is what makes the CFL so special. However, we as fans have to be involved just as much as the business itself; after all, the best form of advertisement is by word of mouth. So friends, it’s time to get recruiting. The Grey Cup is coming to town! People feed off other’s excitement & energy. My mom always says that while she goes to watch the game, her primary reason for attendance is the atmosphere; she feeds off my excitement! We need to start prompting this Grey Cup to the best of our ability! It’s time to spread the love of the CFL. It is time to get those ‘bums in seats’. Let the CFL become a community to be envied.



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