Is Glenn an option for Esks?

Kevin Glenn has his supporters and detractors all around the league. Makes sense as he has travelled the league, having at least a very brief stop in every CFL city, with both good and not so good results. There is one stop he hasn't made yet though. The Eskimos remain the only team he has not been a part of yet. After his latest release from the Riders, is now the time to put that last dabbed mark on the card and yell BINGO?

Admittedly, I haven't been a huge Glenn fan. Every time he's had success, it's been with a team in the West that challenges the Esks. His 50+K yards in passing cannot be overlooked but, much like a lot of fans, I never gave him credit for being much more than an insurance policy. One that seems to be cashed in on a fairly regular basis. Hence, the ongoing joke of the "Curse of Kevin Glenn". From all accounts the guy is stand up in the locker room and a great guy to chat with. Here's some thoughts on him signing in Edmonton:


With the departure of James Franklin (insert single tear here), the Esks don't have a QB with significant game snaps to back up Mike Reilly. Danny O'Brien has played a bit in Ottawa, Zach Kline has had one unbelievable pass (and celebration run), and Eli Jenkins hasn't even hit a CFL sized field yet. I do see a lot of potential in Kline but it might be a bit early to have him in that rotation yet. If Glenn is here, not only is he available if the 2017 MOP goes down, he's a 17 year vet that could help in coaching some of these younger QBs on the game. Success in the CFL seems to be having a number 1 and 1a QB. One of those younger guys could be it next year, but they could learn a lot this year.

His passing yards would indicate he likes a throwing offense, and Maas/Walch have a pass attack that would benefit a guy who likes to throw. He's never been a huge rushing QB, but the Esks just solidified RB CJ Gable who is more than happy to take the rock for a rip. With the Eskimos having the top receiver in yards the last two years, you'd think Glenn would like to be in an offense like that. Last year he showed he could still get the ball into the playmakers hands, namely Duron Carter. That could be Hazelton, Bowman, Mitchell or even (hopefully) Walker with the Eskimos.

This a Grey Cup host year in Edmonton. You'd have to think the team wants a field tested backup to increase the odds. Plus, everyone wants to see Glenn finally get a Cup right? Everyone also wants to see Glenn be the second "Solid Green and Gold Dancer" with O'Brien right? It's ok to admit yes to both. It's also ok to say that second question may fit into the next section….


We all have joked about "the curse". The nice thing is that Reilly is coming off of two seasons with very little in the way of injuries. (Which is why Franklin very rarely had snaps for film) That seems to be due to the Maas system that has him both more protected and smarter with his running decisions. Fact is, Glenn has "the league's best insurance policy" tag for a reason.

His interception ratio, and timing of said interceptions, has always been an issue – especially as the importance of games goes up. In the East Final last year, that came to light again. There is a stigma that he can't win that "big game". Never fair to say as it's not a one man game, but a trend is a trend.

Not sure what the cost would be. That would definitely play a role as Reilly heads into the biggest part of his contract. This may or may not be a deterrent.

I don't think I'd be against a deal that has Glenn here for one year. Aside from the fact he'd have had a part in every CFL team, if there is a guy that people are debating if he's a "Hall of Fame" QB who wants to be part of something good here, I think it may benefit both sides. So is it time to fill the BINGO card? Give us your comments below!



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